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We pride ourselves in being pioneers of guiding students to achieve their dreams by obtaining their higher education goals in Australia and other countries. Nearly 13 years subsequent to our first steps as a company, we have successfully paved the way for hundreds of students to accomplish their ambitions in Australia and other countries. 

We understand that this is a highly imperative task that we have undertaken, and we pay the utmost attention to every detail in making each application a success story. With branches in Colombo and Kandy in Sri Lanka and in Melbourne, Australia, we try to always offer the latest and the most accurate information to our students from their first consultation to their very last regarding their student visas to Australia – how to apply to their preferred university, what documents are required, and how to apply for their student visas too!

We have always conducted a great rapport with multiple universities in Australia, winning us the Best Agent of the Year Award for the year 2018 by Study Group. 

One of our experienced counsellors will thoroughly explain the procedure to you, from the starting point which is the course and university selection until the final step – which is the visa lodgement stage.

During your initial consultation, our counsellors would request information from you regarding your academic and employment background. At this point, we will help you decide the perfect location, course and university that is the most suitable for you after assessing your overall background and your requirements.

We at AEMC understand that each and every student is different, so we also require some information regarding your family background, funding and other matters too, in order to provide you with an overall understanding how the university application and visa process would be relevant to our student in each individual case.

We always suggest that you talk openly about any concern that you may have regarding the process with us, so that we are able to help you in any way possible regarding your application.

We advise our students to bring in their current passport, along with all academic documents (including O/L, A/L, IELTS, any and all other course completion certificates and transcripts) and employment documents (service letters and/or appointment letters, payslips with salary crediting account details) with them. 

This will essentially help us to accurately submit the university applications on the very first consultation with you to fasten the process for your benefit.

We have a large number of universities and institutes on board with AEMC so we can easily find a course that would suit your needs perfectly well, and our experienced counsellors are always ready to help you with the selection process.

To give you an accurate answer, we will have to take a look at all your documentation at the initial stage. Our counsellors are thoroughly experienced in these areas and we always try to recommend a course or a pathway to a student that would help them succeed in the future.

Currently, universities worldwide are updating and adjusting their courses and its content to comply with the future demands of the 2030 job market. Our counsellors too are aware of this matter and whenever possible, they will advise you to enrol in a course that conforms with your academic and employment background and one that is also demanded by the future job market.

Depending on the course and university you have decided to apply to, it generally takes less than or up to a week (generally 2-3 days) for us to obtain a response from the university regarding your application. If your application is successful, the university will provide you with an offer letter, confirming that you are a successful applicant for the course you have applied for.

Once you have obtained your offer letter from the university, you have to accept it. Our counsellors will guide you every step of the way on how to accurately do this.

During this period, our counsellors will provide you with a checklist for the documents that are needed as per the requirement of the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. You must also note that we only accept 100% genuine documentation in order to ensure compliance and clarity of the proceedings between the student, our company, and the Australian Government Authorities.

We recommend that you start this process as soon as possible since it does take some time to gather all the necessary documentation. Our counsellors are always prepared to offer guidance with any questions you may have regarding any documentation that is required as per the standards of the Department of Home Affairs, Australia and the Australian High Commission, Sri Lanka.

During this period, you are also required to obtain medical clearance from a Panel Physician which is a body certified by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. In Sri Lanka, you are required to visit the IOM Migration Health Assessment Centre to obtain this. Your counsellor will advise you on this process.

Once we have obtained all the necessary documentation, then we are ready to lodge the student visa application online via the visa application portal of the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. 

Subsequently, after your visa application has been lodged, you will also have to provide biometrics to the high commission through a certified body which in this case is through VFS Global.

It comes down to the course and university that you have selected. Since we have a wide range of universities, their course fees vary from each course. But essentially, the student will have to make an initial payment as fully advised by the university they have selected in order to obtain the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from the university which is an essential document that is required to be submitted with your visa application.

This preliminary payment will include the initial fee payment (generally for one semester of the course, but might differ depending on the university), the OSHC (Overseas Health Cover) cost as stated in the full offer letter, and any additional costs such as an amenity fee incurred by the university. You can make these payments via a Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or via a credit/debit card payment.

Depending on your academic background, you may be eligible to apply for a scholarship with the university you have selected. To check full eligibility, your counsellor will provide you with more information.

While some universities offer semester-based courses, others offer trimester-based courses as well. They generally open for intakes in February, July, and November of each year.

Absolutely not! We do not charge you at all during any point of the student visa application process, so you are able to obtain all necessary information regarding your process at no cost.

Our counsellors are available weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. We welcome walk-ins to our offices located in Colombo and Kandy and you can also call us on the following numbers to speak to one of our counsellors;

Colombo: Level 1, Office No. 08, Liberty Arcade (Next to Liberty Plaza Building), 282 R A De Mel Mawatha,  Colombo 03

Phone: +94 11 237 2105 / +94 77 688 9999

Email: marketing@aemcglobal.com.au

Kandy: 201 Peradeniya Road, Kandy

Phone: +94 81 2 239590

We at AEMC know that everyone has dreams and goals that they want to achieve, and as such, everyone must be given equal opportunity to pursue those goals. That is why at AEMC, we offer advice to our students impartially, treating all our students as one. With our history running as far as 13 years, we have come across a variety of students with different backgrounds and different stories, with equally different dreams and we believe we have adequately catered to each and every one of them.


Below we have highlighted 5 notable trends in students who have approached us regarding obtaining their student visas to Australia, and thereafter, they have successfully obtained their student visas as well! If you are in a situation similar to below where you might wonder if you are eligible to apply for an Australian student visa, don’t fret! AEMC is here to help!



  • Students having a background with multiple disciplines



Interdisciplinary study is an upcoming trend and is a quality that is demanded the most by future employers according to research conducted by Deloitte Group. Employers seek employees who are well-versed in more areas than one, which makes a “polymath”“A polymath is an individual whose knowledge spans a significant number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.” Currently, a number of famous and highly successful polymaths exist – namely Elon Musk, Raguram Rajan, Herbert Alexander Simon, and the list goes on. 


Similarly, with our experience we have noticed that some students are interested in obtaining knowledge in multiple disciplines. In the past, we have students who have had the following combinations:


– Education and work experience in the Business field, however applied for their further studies in the field of IT – to an area that culminates both these fields such as Business Analysis.


– Education in Human Resource Management applied for their further studies in the field of IT and Cyber Security, and more.


As you may notice from above, we have had students engaged in a number of areas of study, who are currently pursuing their studies successfully in Australia. Given the rising number of situations similar to the above, we encourage all our students to follow their pathway. If you too are interested in following a multidisciplinary pathway, check your eligibility with one of our counsellors.



  • Students pursuing courses that follow the latest trends in the job market



We also now have a number of students who have enrolled in, and are currently following upcoming fields of study that fall in line with the field of STEM. STEM essentially stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with a number of sub-branches that fall under STEM. We have explained these further in our webpage dedicated to STEM on our website.


Students are now engaging more and more in fields such as Data Science, Cyber Security, Business Analysis and Project Management that go hand in hand with the field of STEM and abides by the future demands of the global job market as a whole. The best part is, because AEMC has a large number of universities based in Australia, UK, USA and Canada, we have so many courses available as options for our students!



  • Students with dual qualifications



Dual qualifications, such as a double-masters is an exciting new way to broaden your knowledge in a number of areas that can be combined together, which is a linking factor to the points mentioned above. 


You may wonder if you are eligible to start off on a second Master’s overseas, if you have already completed a Master’s in Sri Lanka. Yes, this is possible. We have had a large number of students who intend to focus on a more specialised field of study overseas even after completing a general Masters in Sri Lanka such as an MBA.



  • Mature Aged Students



We learn something new every day and learning such things will never go in vain. That is why we also encourage mature aged students to apply to test their eligibility when aiming to pursue their higher studies. Being a mature aged student brings in a number of plus points too, where we believe that you would find it easier to adjust to an overseas lifestyle given your existing experiences and other factors.


Although mature aged study may seem quite rare in Sri Lankan universities, such occurrences are abundant in foreign institutions. While there are clear visa conditions to abide by, you can always contact us and check your eligibility to pursue further studies in a field applicable to you.



  • Students who are under the age of 18


AEMC also believes in getting a head start on education, and that is why we cater to those students who want to do exactly that! If you want to start off on your studies soon, and if you are still below the age of 18, we have options for you.


Travelling with a guardian


In certain situations if you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian may be able to accompany you to Australia until you turn 18 years of age. We do provide guidance for your guardian’s visa application too.


Homestay and guardianship in Australia


In situations where you are below 18 years of age, and a parent or guardian is unable to accompany you to Australia, we communicate directly with the university who will then assign guardianship and homestay or on campus accommodation facilities to you until you turn 18 years of age through separate bodies within Australia. This system is highly secure and trustworthy as they are entities assigned directly by the university you have enrolled in, to you.


While we have a large number of individual cases that the above mentioned situations apply to, we must highlight that there are more circumstances that may add on to the above in your case. If you are still unsure of your eligibility, contact AEMC, and we will help you through the process!

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